Acceptance inspection

On the ownership transfer date of your new home or other property, each aspect must be in the state agreed upon in the contracts. Often however, not every element for both newly constructed and existing properties complies. Our acceptance inspection helps you to solve these issues.

During an acceptance inspection, our inspector completes a thorough verification of all technical aspects agreed upon. This expert provides you with an overview of any deficiencies and defects. By obtaining this independent report, your contractor or other selling party is motivated to solve these issues, rather than entering into lengthy discussions.

Our experts will gladly assist you with an acceptance inspection to ensure that you can enjoy the full comfort of your new home or other building. Honestly, customer-oriented and transparent.

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More information about acceptance inspections

During an acceptance inspection, one of our construction inspectors evaluates whether the home or other type of property fully meets all specifications agreed upon and/or all reasonable standards and requirements. He also verifies whether the project was executed in accordance with the technical description and technical designs.

Buying a home or another property is of course a business arrangement, in which both parties must honour their part of the deal. If your contractor or other selling party does not deliver the property entirely compliant with what has been agreed upon, it is important to identify and register this immediately to prevent an assertion that you would have accepted the situation as-is. Our expert will professionally motivate how and why he has determined any deficiencies or defects and will counter any rebuttals to them.

Once all registered deficiencies and defects are solved, our report will of course also help you to verify whether all these matters now meet the requirements. Do you want to have us perform an acceptance inspection for you? We are often able to deploy one of our construction inspectors to your location within two business days. Contact us today! 

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Acceptance inspection

Every newly built property is completed with various non-conformities. With this inspection we identify and report them all, enabling your contractor to solve them for you.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 500m3 € 280,17 € 339,01
Meerprijs > 500m3 (per 100m3) € 32,65 € 39,51
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Visual-only structural inspection

A structural inspection without the official report. The visual-only structural inspection offers you solid insights in the structural state of a property at a bargain price.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 500m3 € 230,58 € 279,00
Meerprijs > 500m3 (per 100m3) € 32,65 € 39,51
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