Social responsibility

As a company, attaining revenue and profitability is of course an important objective, but not everything revolves around money. With our team, we realise that we are part of our society, and we take pleasure in contributing to our world in various ways.


We sponsor different social initiatives on an annual basis. For many years, we have endeavoured to contribute and subscribe new members for the ‘Stichting Aap’ foundation to help protect endangered ape species. We also sponsored multiple editions of the Ropaun and donate to the Alpe d’HuZes initiative for cancer research. Furthermore, we sponsor a local hockey team with proper sportswear to stimulate them in leading active lives. 


Every company is responsible for reducing their ecologic footprint. Consequently, this is an active topic for us. Due to all reports we create, we used to consume large amounts of paper. Today, over 90% of this became digital. Our company cars are all equipped with the latest EURO6 engines. Furthermore, we have installed so many solar panels at a secondary company location that we currently harvest more solar energy than we consume ourselves.


Caring for people is another important aspect to us. Throughout the years, we have always welcomed interns and apprentices, for instance in the civil engineering expertise. We also did this during the financial crisis when there was a large shortage of companies providing them with the chance to obtain important work experience. For our own people, we structurally invest in training and education, as we believe that personal development is an ongoing process. 

As our customer, partner of supplier, you do business with a partner that actively considers its role in our society. Do you have any suggestion on how we can do better? Please let us know!