Expert Opinion

Damage or deficiencies may occur inside a home, commercial property or other type of property, for which someone else may be liable. In these cases, it is common for the parties involved to disagree about what may have caused it, who is to blame and who must pay for the repairs. An official expert opinion delivered by us provides you with certainty and proof.

An expert opinion is an independent report about the cause and effects of damage or deficiencies. Especially in cases where your counterparty denies liability or disputes specific amounts, this independent inspection and report helps you to meet the burden of proof. 

Our organisation has issued expert opinions for many years, for consumers and businesses alike, but also for local governments, owners associations and housing corporations.

As the scope of an expert opinion may vary from a quick visual check to an extensive investigation, our pricing for this service is always tailored to the situation. Curious about the costs? Call us and share your context with us, and we will provide you with a transparent estimate for a thorough investigation.

More information about the expert opinion

Suffering damage or discovering hidden deficiencies is not only expensive, it’s also cumbersome. In Dutch law, the burden of proof lies with the accuser and consequently, you must prove that your counterparty is liable if this liability is not voluntarily acknowledged. We help you to gather the proof you need.

For every expert opinion, we start with an intake over the phone to get an initial impression of the situation and offer you a cost estimate for our services. In the next step, one of our experts visits your location and registers the damage, while also determining the causes as meticulously as possible. Our experts often recognise details and aspects that rule out specific scenarios, which may help to disprove possible explanations or plain denial from your counterparty.

We can also provide for a second opinion if your counterparty has already obtained an expert opinion whose conclusions may seem implausible. We do of course guarantee a reliable and thorough investigation under all circumstances, which provides you with the insights required to have the damage or deficiency to your property solved as quickly and easily as possible.

Expert opinion

Disputes about structural affairs are solved with an objective, thorough inspection. Our report contains conclusions, photos and recommendations. Contact us for a tailored price for your situation.

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