Foundation inspection

The foundation is literally the structure on which your entire property stands. Whether this is your home, commercial property or apartment building, a solid foundation is of critical importance for the usability and durability of the building that stands on top of it.

Do you suspect foundation problems? Or do you want to ensure that they are absent while buying a property? Contact us to expertly determine that foundation problems are either non-existent, or to what extent they do exist and what action can be taken to remediate any negative effects.

More information about a foundation inspection

The first signs of problems with the foundation of a building are often the subsidence of masonry, jamming doors and windows that close difficultly. Causes for these problems can be diverse and include rotting of wooden piles or soil subsidence. In general, each problem also has a solution, but each situation is also very much unique due to many individual local aspects that influence the situation.

The purpose of a foundation inspection is to evaluate the construction method used for the foundation and determine the current quality of the foundation materials. If complete or partial repairs are deemed necessary, the conclusions of this inspection form the first part of the recovery plan.

Foundation inspectionIt is wise to involve an expert as soon as you begin to suspect foundation problems to limit adverse effects. A foundation inspection usually consists of various elements that are combined into a report with an extensive analysis. Archive information is consulted for this purpose, an inspection of the fa├žade takes place and it is verified how much the building has deviated from its levelled position with which it was constructed. A thorough inspection of the interior takes place in which structural elements and occurred changes to them are observed. It might also be required to excavate (part of) the foundation itself to evaluate its status.

More informationDo you want to learn more about foundation inspections? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on your exact situation, we may either help you ourselves or refer you to reliable and specialised companies with a proven track record.

Foundation inspection

Depending on the local situation and possible causes, each foundation inspection is different. Contact us for a cost estimate for your situation.

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