Moisture inspection

Moisture and humidity problems inside your home or other type of property may cause significant damage and have be caused by many things. Consequently, it is important to identify the cause of these problems as soon as you suspect their existence. With a thorough inspection, we help you to obtain clarity.

During a moisture inspection, we inspect the elements that may be affected by the cause of the moisture problem. We also investigate the source of the moisture and whether this problem must be solved from the inside or the outside of the property.

After having completed this thorough analysis, you will receive an extensive report that includes an estimate of the associated repair costs. This enables you to make a properly validated decision on how to proceed.

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More information about moisture inspection

Moisture problems are cumbersome and must be remediated as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring. In the initial phase of cause determination, it is important to have an experienced and professional inspector review the entire situation and all possible influences. By doing so, a full-scope insight is obtained in both the problems and possible solutions that help solve these problems definitively.

During this inspection, the inspector first identifies how the home or other type of property was built. How was it constructed? Which materials were used? Next, he identifies the specific type of moisture problems. Is it caused by soil moisture? Moisture penetration? Hygroscopic moisture? Rising damp or condensation water? Has any damage already occurred and if so, is it positioned below or above the ground water level? Various measurements may also be completed to determine moisture percentages and the extent of penetration.

If repairs are deemed necessary, it is also discussed if you have any other wishes while the elements involved will already be exposed. This provides opportunities for instance, for wall finishing, insulation and more.

The ultimate result of this inspection is a comprehensible and concise report that contains all information you require, such as recommended work methods, accessibility, turnaround and any alternative solutions. This enables you to proceed to the next step of the repair process while being properly informed about all aspects relevant to the situation.

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