Sustainability advice

A more sustainable building is equivalent to a decreased energy bill, a higher property value and a contribution to our environment. Determining the exact measures to attain this can be complex, especially for older homes and other buildings. This is why we are often called upon to provide for a sustainability advice. 

To create this advice, our certified inspector visits your property and meticulously inspects each aspect and area. Next, he creates an integrated and tailored plan to make the property more sustainable in various ways. This may include recommendations for installing insulating glass, roof insulation, solar panels and more. Each element comes with its own specified cost-benefit ratio. 

Both businesses and private property owners benefit from these investments that save both the environment and your budget. Our advice is reliable, transparent and offered to you at a competitive price.

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More information about our sustainability advice

The world is rapidly becoming more sustainable, as harmful emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels must be reduced to combat global warming. While this is important, it also leads to a significantly higher utility bill. Making your home or commercial property more sustainable offers excellent saving opportunities, but with so much individual options it can be hard to determine what comes first. Our sustainability advice offers you an optimal, integrated, no-nonsense advice that helps you make validated decisions.

As part of our sustainability advice, one of our certified inspectors visits your location. He evaluates every aspect of your property and documents the opportunities to make elements more sustainable. A new heating unit? A heat pump? Or convert to electric heating powered by solar panels with options for future local energy storage as this technology continues to develop? How about insulated glazing? And how much gas can be conserved by utilising the options for roof and cavity wall insulation? 

After completion of this inspection, we analyse the results for you and present you a transparent and comprehensible report with all our findings. This offers clear insights in the possibilities for making your property more sustainable, the returns these measures offer, an estimate of the required investment and the time needed to achieve full return on investment.

Our sustainability advice is available for every home and any other type of property. Contact us today for any questions or to schedule your inspection.

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Sustainability advice

An energy label with the current energy performance of your home and an extensive report with concrete recommendations for further improvement.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 150m2 € 393,89 € 476,61
Meerprijs >150m2 (per 30m2) € 24,38 € 29,50
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