Floor inspection

Do you want or need to have a floor inspection carried out inside your home, rental property or commercial property? Our expertise can be relied upon.

Various causes may lead to problems such as crack formation, crumbling and corrosion in concrete floor elements. Obtaining a reliable and objective problem identification is a prerequisite for heading towards solutions. 

All our floor inspections comply with the most stringent standard in our industry: CUR recommendation 79 class 2. Pursuant to this standard, two highly experienced inspectors will visit your property and chart damage and repair options, which are presented to you in an extensive report.

Obtaining this information offers clarity and a clear roadmap to recovery. If you are looking to buy a property and have doubts about the condition of the floor, we can of course also assist you with a floor inspection to rule out any problems or enable you to make a bid that reflects any problems.

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More information about floor inspections

Mostly between 1965 and 1980, many newly constructed Dutch homes were equipped with what turned out to be concrete floors of disastrous quality. With an enormous housing shortage, society focused on a quick construction process, while concrete needs time to cure. Speeding up this process with a chlorine-containing curing accelerator, used by the ‘Kwaaitaal’ company for instance, appeared to be an ingenious way to save precious time. Years later however, it turned out that the concrete was prone to extreme deterioration and that the acceptable threshold value for curing accelerators is considerably lower than what was believed before. 

The major liability claims for the companies who manufactured these floors meant they soon went bankrupt, after which tens of thousands of home owners were left with problematic floors. Often, the reinforcement corrodes and comes of the concrete. This significantly reduces the load-bearing capacity of the floor. Although repair costs are always involved with repairing these types of floors, it is important to act quickly to prevent further escalation.

This is of course a topic for which you want to rely on reliable information before proceeding to a next step. We are an objective partner who has no interest in the ensuing recovery process. Our experts have seen hundreds of similar cases and will submit a report to you with comprehensible insights in causes, effects and repair options.

Do you want to have the floors of your home, rental property or commercial property inspected? Contact us today! 

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Floor inspection

Prevent or limit the scope of costly floor repairs with an extensive inspection that comes with a written report, conclusions and an independent estimate of any required repairs.

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Woning t/m 150m2 € 318,60 € 385,51
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