Safety inspections, floor plans, multi-year maintenance plans and more

For lessors, transparency, predictability and customer satisfaction are some of the most important aspects for their property portfolio. We offer you the inspections, labels and plans you require to obtain these values.

As a reputable and full-service partner for (safety) inspections, floor plans, multi-year maintenance plans, energy labels and more, we are the go-to address for many lessors.

Challenge us with your questions. We are available at your service by phone, e-mail or personally. Read more about our services and organisation online, or inspect sample reports and our pricing.

Services for lessors

The following services are often requested by lessors:

We create the floor plans for your rental properties based on the NEN 2580 standard, including (sub)divisions for (partial) letting. All measurement standards can be provided for. Lees meer...

An energy label is required to let your property. After performing an inspection, we issue these labels compliant with the applicable standards and at a competitive price. Lees meer...

Your maintenance expenses have a considerable influence on your returns. With a solid multi-year maintenance plan, we help you to create predictability and facilitate optimal procurement. Lees meer...

Homes or commercial property must of course comply with all safety regulations for gas, water and electricity. We perform these inspections professionally and efficiently. Lees meer...