Construction supervision

Are you in the process of building a new home, commercial property or another type of property? Or are you a contractor? To successfully complete your project, countless individual steps must all be properly executed. We can support you in verifying conformity after each project stage.

It is an intrinsic part of the construction process that over a dozen individual areas of expertise must perform work in a specific order. Human error can hardly be prevented, but may very well lead to dire consequences. By verifying that the construction process complies with the specifications after each phase, our construction supervision service helps you to identify any deficiencies immediately and thus prevent consequential damage. 

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Pile-driving, concrete pouring and curing, building the outer walls and installing the roof. If just one of these or many other core aspects of your construction process are not properly executed, protracted and expensive consequences are the inevitable result. Additional quality assurance during the construction process is therefore always the more economic option compared to an expensive error that may occur at any time.

We can support you by verifying the results of every construction phase. Prior to the construction work, we offer guidance in managing contract definitions before you outsource the project. During the actual construction, we use this text and legal standards and requirements to verify whether the building fully meets all criteria. By immediately identifying any deficiencies, we enable instant remediation which prevents further delays and expenses.

Construction supervision

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